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Tomorrow, Thursday, July 6 at 6:30 p.m., the Village Anchor, 11507 Park Rd. in Anchorage, will host the second in a five-dinner series they call the Whisk(e)y Five dinners. This one will feature tastings of rye whiskey, paired with chef Henry Wesley’s three-course dinner.

Whiskey writer Susan Reigler, who has added the title of certified executive Bourbon steward to her resumé, will demonstrate the range of her knowledge of distilled spirits as the guide through the evening’s drinks. As Steve Coomes reports in his EatDrinkTalk web site,  Reigler will start with a more familiar distillate, Bourbon, before moving on to a tasting flight of rye whiskeys, followed by dinner.

The menu begins with some hors d’oeuvres (surf and turf vol-au-vent, foie gras pâté, smoked rainbow trout mousse) with the flight of Jim Bean Black Bourbon, Old Overholt 80 proof and Woodford 90.4 proof Ryes.

The salad course will be a composed salad of sweet corn and peppers, asparagus, baby carrot and baby beets in rosemary mâche, served with High West Double Rye 92 proof. The entrée will be sumac-encrusted bison strip loin, smoked sweet potato purée and roasted heirloom cauliflower, paired with Willett Rye 100 proof. Dessert will be a brown butter flourless chocolate torte with strawberry-peppadew compote, served with Bulleit Rye 90 proof.

Dinner and  rye pairings is $75. If reservations are made for more than one dinner in the series, the cost is $65 per dinner. The other dinners will be July 27 – International whiskeys; August 17 – Irish whiskeys; and September 7 – Bourbons from beyond Kentucky. Call (502) 708-1850 or email Merritt Mowery at merritt@bellenoble.com.