Reporting at Louisville Business First, Michael L. Jones recounts Emil David’s move to Rome from the Philippines at age 16.

One of the things David enjoyed most about Rome were the storefront shops and bakeries that sold square slices of Roman-style pizza. Roman pizza, as opposed to more common Neapolitan pizza, boasts a thin crust like a flat focaccia and it is usually cut in squares.

Two decades later, David and his wife Liz have launched Square Cut Pizza in Louisville’s Shelby Park neighborhood at 741 E. Oak St., as well as the Sugar Room, an adjacent ice cream shop.

Jones has the whole fascinating story, which you’ll want to read in its entirety.

Well-traveled chef finds a home in Shelby Park with Roman-style pizza restaurant

The restaurant serves a wide selection of Roman-style pizzas, several charcuterie boards, and appetizers like Ricotta, Mixed Olives, and a Baked Egg. In addition to the regular menu, David offers a special seasonal menu. The one for fall features items like pumpkin soup and pork belly.

“With the menu, I’ve used the techniques that I’ve learned through my journey, and I chosen ingredients that are Italian ingredients, but still come close to an American heart,” David explained.