Fried chicken mania has hit us, what with the success of, and imminent expansion of, Joella’s Hot Chicken, the soon-to-open Royals Hot Chicken on Market St., and a chicken shack to come behind Bistro 1860 as well. Was all this chicken ruckus caused by last year’s Fried Chicken Throw Down that closed Resurfaced?  The surprisingly popular cook-off will be repeated again tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 17, noon to 5 p.m., at this year’s Resurfaced location at the north end of 10th street, right on the river.

The Throw Down is a culinary competition to benefit the Slow Food Bluegrass Garden Grant program. A cash prize, decided by the people who will pay to eat the chicken, will go to the winner of two categories, Best Chicken ($500), and best side ($500).

Admission to the event will be free. Tastes will be sold for $3 for chicken and $2 for sides.

Participating restaurants include Royals Hot Chicken, Wiltshire On Market, Joella’s Hot Chicken, Farm to Fork Catering, Over The 9, Roux, Marketplace Restaurant, Gelato Gilberto, POLLO – a gourmet chicken joint, MilkWood and Against The Grain Brewery.

The huge crowd last year caused some food back-ups, so chefs this year are encouraged to work out recipe ideas that can go from fryer to plate more quickly. That advice is likely to result in more interesting variation on the fried chicken concept this year as well.

There will be activities for the kids, and, for adults, cocktails by nearby partner Peerless Distillery. More information: