Tonight, Monday, Aug. 10, Food Network’s “Southern Fried Road Trip” will encounter Kentucky foods, featuring Louisville’s Smoketown USA, the funky barbecue restaurant and flea market at the corner of Oak and Logan Sts., and The Café, 712 Brent St.

The show, airing at 9 p.m. is hosted by Bobby and Jamie Deen (sons of – who else? – Paula Deen). Monday’s episode, dubbed “Horsing Around in Kentucky,” will also have the Deen boys examining a Hot Brown, and sampling various Bourbon delights, such as bourbon fudge, Bourbon-flavored fruitcake, and, of course, Bourbon.

At Smoketown USA owner Eric David Gould will get the Deens to sample his “Booben Sandwich,” a smoked chicken breast sandwich topped with cabbage salad, and to exclaim over his “Flintstones” beef ribs.

The Cafe, co-owner Sal Rubino will present his variation on Hot Browns,  and his take on pimento cheese, the Pimita, a pita filled with pimento cheese, chopped bacon and other special tweaks.

If you can’t watch it Monday, the episode will re-air at midnight on Tuesday, Aug. 11, and at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15.