Are you looking for something completely outside the norm for Louisville? You might want to head over to the Scandinavian restaurant Oskar’s Slider Bar, 3799 Poplar Level Rd., tonight or on the first Saturday of each month at 9 p.m. They offer a late night menu and drink specials paired with a Scandinavian Metal music playlist curated by their resident viking and bartender, Patrick Flanary.

The late-night food menu features a South Dakota dish known as chislic which is similar to a kebab: a classic version with steak and garlic salt and then a non-traditional with chicken or halloumi cheese. The chicken and halloumi are done buffalo style with a house made, fermented, juniper hot sauce as the base. There is also have a warm, bar nut mix spiced with dried red pepper flakes, habanero honey and fresh thyme or gravlax and fries from the regular menu.

The menu changes a little bit each month.

The drink specials are as follows:

$3- Chilled Brennivin Aquavit shot, straight from the tap

$5- You call beer and shot special
Your choice of a select “dad” beer paired with a 1oz pour of Old Forester or Brennivin aquavit on the side
(Hudy Delight, Old Milwaukee, Strohs, Old Style, or Miller Highlife)

$6 Aquavit Boilermakers
• 1oz of Linie or Aalborg Taffel
• Falls City Streetlamp Porter or Great Flood ‘37 Coffee Porter

$6 Reyka Vodka Mules


Photography courtesy of Oskar’s