For several years, Darnell Ferguson has been both satisfying diners and teasing them with his semi-permanent pop-up restaurants in odd spaces–breakfasts in the back of Chicago Gyro, breakfast and lunch in the rear of a consignment store–but now those fans can look forward to a more stable location.

SuperChefs, his ironically arrogant name from the start, will be at 106 Fairfax Ave., a spot in the middle of St. Matthews that most recently was Saigon Café. The theme of the restaurant will be superheroes, with covers from Ferguson’s comic book collection decorating the walls.

After several days of soft opening tryouts, SuperChefs will be opening Wednesday for breakfast, lunch and dinner served seven days a week.The menu will include The Hulk (a green waffle sandwich with sausage, candied bacon, egg, cheese and syrup drizzle), Aquaman (a smoked salmon quesadilla with hot crab spread, mozzarella, spinach, shrimp and mango chutney) and Bruce Wayne (chicken fried rice with thin-sliced vegetables).

There will be a full bar, and a six-person chef’s table, not in the kitchen, but in a separate glass-enclosed area. Guests can reserve the space and suggest dishes they would like, and Ferguson will give he ideas idiosyncratic spin.