First came The Exchange Pub + Kitchen, and then came Brooklyn and the Butcher. Now, New Albanians and visitors to New Albany can catch the wave at Longboard’s Taco & Tiki at 302 Pearl St., the latest restaurant from BRAND Hospitality Group, headed by Ian and Nikki Hall.

It’s a fast casual dining concept where guests can order chef inspired tacos and take a seat, paying when finished by waving a card at servers. The tacos aren’t typical Mexican tacos. They’re interesting blends like Duck Confit or Korean BBQ, created by consulting Chef James Moran and launched by Chef Alex Mikel. There are seven unique taco styles and eight starter menu items (like poke, yuka tots and elote) plus three salad options and two desserts.

The cocktail menu is also flavorful with an array of tiki cocktails to choose from, and a tiki themed bar resides under the dining room. General Manager Zach Ruoff says it’s an “upbeat tiki bar perfect for late night socializing and delicious, rum centric tiki drinks.” The restaurant will stay open late, so there will be food for New Albany’s growing nightlife.


Photo courtesy of Longboard’s.