Hereabouts we’re bullish on Buechel.

Global cuisine in Buechel: “I call this strip America“

In fact, it was a visit last year to Buechel by the Courier Journal’s Dahlia Ghabour that inspired F&D’s post, with little help from Robin Garr’s Louisville Restaurants Forum.

As Ghabour attested earlier this week, Buechel abides. Her profile of Chocolate & Nut Kingdom & Melt Munch, a candy and sweets shop opened by Mohammad Abdel Rahman, is rich and evocative.

(Abdel Rahman is) a Palestinian-American business owner who moved to Louisville in 2010. He has experience running other kinds of businesses and said he saw a need for an Arab-American-owned sweets store in Louisville.

If Ghabour’s mouthwatering descriptions of the wares at Chocolate & Nut Kingdom & Melt Munch fail to inspire a field trip to Buechel and subsequent splurge, then you’re spending far too much on diet plans.

Live a little, why don’t you?

This new Arabic candy shop serves imported chocolates, Turkish delight, nuts and more

Gummy candies and traditional Middle Eastern spices fill two whole cases in the middle of the store. Individually wrapped gourmet chocolates line an entire wall, peppered with additional displays of dried fruit, incense, tea, and coffee. Gleaming Turkish and Palestinian serving trays and wrapped gift sets crown the loaded shelves. There’s even a section of homemade goods like stuffed olives and canned stuffed eggplant.