Another cool old semi-derelict property on E. Market st. has been brought back from desuetude to become another component of the cool NuLu eating and drinking scene. What is now TAJ Louisville, at 807 E. Market St., a few years ago was a once-fine old commercial building bowing to its age. But long-time NuLu area resident Mike Maloney, a special events manager in the mayor’s office, worked with partners Ken Blackthorn and Todd Moore to shore up the brick facade, rebuild the interior with salvaged wood, install a monumental mint julep sculpture outside and voila! another laid-back place to eat, drink and socialize in NuLu.

As reported in Insider Louisville,  the interior is an always-interesting pastiche of reclaimed shutters, elevator seats and lighting fixture made from old Mason jars.

Like many renovation projects that need lots of physical labor and have to meet city regulations, the opening of TAJ Bar had been delayed, but the weird gargoyles over the door are in place, the giant mint julep is outside on the sidewalk and the doors are open.