Opening two immediately popular restaurants within months of each other earlier this year was apparently not enough for chefs Dustin Staggers and Griffin Paulin of Roux and Rumplings Slurp Shop. Now they are collaborating with Loop 22’s Eric Morris for an exclusive dinner club-style concept called Ten Tables.

The six-course dining events (with optional wine pairings) will cost around $65 (depending on that they choose for their menus). The meal will be prepared by the three chefs, and the diners who get the privilege of eating the meal will be chosen by lottery.

The inaugural 10 Tables dinner will be held at Roux,1325 Bardstown Road, on Monday, Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. There are only 20 to 40 reservations available for this dinner, seated at ten tables. I

Staggers was quoted as promising that “It’s going to be sexy, but not too buttoned down. It’s really going to be the place you take someone you seriously want to impress.” Menus will change seasonally, and with the whims of the chefs nightly. The second dinner will be held at Loop 22.

If you want a seat at one of the ten tables, go to the Ten Tables Facebook page, enter your wishes in the comments, and when the Facebook Page reaches 500 likes, winners will be chosen, lottery-style.