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Today’s feature link is our editor-in-chief Marty Rosen’s “The Local” column, which celebrates the places that make Louisville Metro feel like home, whether old or new, traditional or innovative.

This one’s decidedly traditional: Kern’s Korner (follow the story link above).

In a world fueled by an epidemic of attention deficit disorder, Kern’s is a place where attention is always paid. Walk in, you’ll be noticed. Sit at the bar, you’ll be seen. Speak, and you’ll be heard. Order a drink, you’ll be served. Dip a spoon into a bowl of soup or chili, you will taste the living memory of an old family recipe that is still honored. Watch closely as the cook grills your burger (which by the way is freshly ground chuck from Kingsley’s Meats, a few blocks away), you’ll see a legendary cook’s trick that’s mostly been forgotten for decades (the thumb press).

These days, when the search for “mindfulness” is a marketing cliché and the object of exotic pilgrimages, it seems incongruous to find it at a neighborhood pub in a slice of bologna fried crisp and caramelized, but at Kern’s every dish tells a story.