Please & Thank You, the popular NuLu coffeeshop and bakery that opened a St. Matthews location a few years ago, will open its third location Saturday, Aug. 19 at 252 E. Market St., closer in to downtown, in the space that has been Press on Market.

Though the proposed new location is only a few blocks away, upon pondering the scheduled upgrading of the NuLu streetscape and a remodeling of the original store, co-owner Brooke Vaughn thought the opportunity has come at a propitious time.

According to a story in the Courier-Journal, Vaughn has given her current two stores nicknames to distinguish them: “Mark” is the original Market St. location, and “Frank’ is on Frankfort Ave. “Floyd” will be the nickname for the new location on the corner of Market and Floyd Sts., which will have a small outdoor stage on the dog-friendly courtyard.

Expanding the Please & Thank You concept outside the city might be the next step in the near future, according to the C-J story.