But Ronnie Lane — well, he was the group’s glue.

Eric Morris, late of New Albany’s Gospel Bird and Hull & High Water, is returning to the kitchen at a new establishment in the Highlands called Faces Bar & Bistro.

Recently Hello Louisville’s Kevin Gibson was first past the post.

The expected opening of Faces Bar/Bistro is estimated for late March. The 2,100-square-foot space located at 1604 Bardstown Road is the former home of Stout Burgers & Beer, which closed in November, and La Bodega Tapas Bar. In a social media post, Morris said the new restaurant will be “nothing fancy with tons of vegan/vegetarian options as well as meat and seafood based dishes.”

Writing a week later at the Louisville Courier Journal, Dahlia Ghabour expanded on Morris’s plans for the new restaurant

“I thought it would be fun, after doing a fried chicken place and a fish house, to do something better for you,” he said. “I always wanted to do a more vegetarian and vegan driven place that has a bunch of options for the folks in the Highlands who are getting more health-conscious. And that led itself to being more Asian-driven.”

In December after Himalayan Restaurant closed, Food & Dining Magazine took note of changes in Morris’s new neighborhood. It certainly appears the tide is rising again. 

“The final three months of 2019 have been a turbulent period for food and drink establishments clustered along the dense commercial stretch of Bardstown Road’s 1500 and 1600 blocks.

Cafe Mimosa (1543 Bardstown Road) closed in late September, followed less than two weeks later by Cumberland Brews (1576). Stout Burgers and Beers (1604) ceased operations at the beginning of November. 

“However, Against the Grain recently installed a neighborhood Public House where Cumberland Brews used to be, and Dragon King’s Daughter has revealed a forthcoming move to the former Mimosa’s building. It’s also hard to imagine the ex-Stout space staying empty for long, as the ‘property is owned by Chad and Lauren Coulter, who also own the adjacent LouVino.’ “