We’re not sure if there are still seats available, but tonight at 7 p.m., the English Grill at the Brown Hotel will host an “eco-friendly” 5-course dinner, prepared by Brown Hotel executive chef Josh Bettis, in consultation with Wayne Samiere of the Honolulu Fish Company, purveyor of  sustainably harvested Pacific Ocean fish.

The Ahi tuna featured through the night’s menu is line-caught, the  method which causes the least environmental impact on the fishery.  The sashimi-grade fish will be in the English Grill’s kitchen within 48 hours of being caught.

The menu will include sesame Ahi poke with sweet pea wasabi puree; nori fumi furikake-crusted Ahi with grilled summer melons; pressed watermelon Ahi niçoise with Peruvian potato, haricot vert and whole grain mustard cream; Ahi belly steak pastrami with rye spaetzle, summer vegetable giardiniera and smoked tomato aioli; and for dessert, passion fruit semifreddo with candied ginger, freeze-dried banana crust and warm rum chocolate ganache.

Each course will be paired with a selected wine.  The dinner and wine pairings will be $69. Call (502) 583-1234.