Next month, Norton Commons will get a wine, beer and spirits tasting studio dubbed Commonwealth Tap.

The place was created to for people who like to taste a wine, beer or spirit before committing to a whole bottle, and learn about what they’re drinking.

Target opening date (located at 9411 Norton Commons Blvd.) is somewhere between September 15 and 21.

It’ll be run by Neil Morgan and Alex Tinker, who owned Four Flights Wine Boutique, also in Norton Commons, until their landlord wanted their space for other uses.

Being asked to leave, Morgan said, worked out well for everyone since it allowed him and Tinker to refine their concept to include spirits and beers, as well as wine kegs.

The two, who are backed by several silent investors, want the place in Norton Commons because of obvious demand in the exploding development. Save for Corbett’s, there is little in that corner of the county in the way of a place to get really good wine and craft draft.

The “Tap” in Commonwealth’s name, however, doesn’t refer to beer as much as it does to wine. The tasting studio will feature exclusive five-gallon kegs and a 12-bottle cruvinet system that will combine to provide some 30 wine by the glass options daily.

Don’t expect food other than a few snacks. That’s not what the place is about, Morgan said.

“We’re wine guys, so that’s what we’ll focus on most,” he said. “We like helping people choose wine by letting them taste things they might not have before.”

That means their core selections will feature lesser-known, but super-good producers they’ve discovered on their trips to the West Coast.

And since Commonwealth Tap will have a retail component, that also means lots of bargains in the $15 range.

“Everybody loves to find those, but they usually don’t know how to find them,” Morgan said. “It’s not easy buying wine in a store where there are way too many choices. It’s intimidating for some people.”

So mark your calendars for late September, wine geeks, and we’ll keep you posted on the exact date.