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Today we find Sara “The Bar Belle” Havens in Mexico, where she went last year to visit Tequila Fortaleza and learn how to make tequila the old-fashioned way.

Here’s a teaser.

All three of Fortaleza’s core brands – blanco, repesado and añejo – are 100% agave, and the distillery owns acres of blue agave fields, which we got to check out firsthand with owner Don Guillermo, the first real cowboy I’ve ever met. Guillermo and his crew monitor the agave fields daily, and they know exactly which ones are ready for tequila-makin’. Fun Fact: An agave plant has to age 7 to 9 years before it’s ready to be made into tequila.

Of course during our time we became extremely familiar with all three Fortaleza brands because it was basically served at every meal. And that’s not a complaint.