Ready Set Prep’d “offers meal prep services and made-to-order lunches that are healthy, chef-driven, macro-portioned and fit into several diets and lifestyles.”

The current issue of Extol has a profile by Angie Fenton of Ready Set Prep’d, located at 1222 State Street in New Albany (that’s very near the hospital): “Ready, Set, Go!” 

(Peggy Garbe) had nearly a decade of experience after serving in some of the area’s most revered kitchens, including Jack Fry’s, a Louisville institution, and began her foray into the industry at Sullivan University’s culinary arts program. So, she put her talents to work and started Ready Set Prep’d with co-owner and husband Andrew Garbe, operating out of MESA, A Collaborative Kitchen in downtown New Albany, as part of the company’s incubator program. Then, in late August, the Garbes opened their own brick ‘n’ mortar, which offers premade meals and made-to-order lunches.

For more about the Incubator Program at Mesa A Collaborative Kitchen (also in New Albany) go here.

We are happy to introduce our Incubator Program at Mesa A Collaborative Kitchen. This new program allows small business / start ups to lease out our kitchen during the day for their needs. We encourage you to contact us and we will help your business by setting you up with a our kitchen space without the big expense.