This feels a lot like jet lag, but we need to backtrack just a wee bit – in fact, all the way to March.

At the start of last week Food & Dining Magazine experienced major technical issues at our website, which have required several days of down time and an internationally renowned team of (internet) surgeons to resolve.

My baling twine and duct tape “solution” proved inadequate.

In the middle of it all came Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s expected, albeit painful announcement that restaurants and bars must close to indoor services owing to recent spikes in COVID-19, to last through December 13.

Carryout, delivery and service for outdoor seating service will continue, “but only if the mask mandate and seating rules are enforced,” according to Beshear. Meanwhile, across the river in Clark and Floyd counties, indoor seating capacities were reinstituted (at 75%) and bars (and bar seating) closed at 10:00 p.m.

As to what happens next, it is impossible to generalize. The world is turned upside down, yet again, and while we can reasonably posit a return some day to right-side-up local food and drink, how long it will take and how bad it might get until then cannot be known.

Plunging ahead, there are two permanent restaurant closings to report.

The 35-year-old Bardstown Road staple Uptown Cafe revealed it would be closing for good following dinner service on Saturday, November 28 (4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.) The governor’s edict sadly deprives Uptown Cafe of a dining room victory lap, with final orders this week being of the carryout variety.

In New Albany, Daisy’s Country Cooking (founded in 2013) also made a closing announcement.

We have appreciated the community support over the years to bring a family-oriented restaurant to the area. We have made the unfortunate decision to close Daisy’s permanently. Thank you to our loyal customers who have supported us thru the years.

In a city that still pines for the days of Southside Inn and Tommy Lancaster’s, Daisy’s filled a valuable family-friendly, cafeteria-style niche, offering homemade entrees, sides and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here’s an image from earlier in 2020. It’s become fashionable again.