The Fistful of Tacos food truck debuted in 2015, and the “Fistful Family” has continued to evolve ever since, to include catering; a bricks and mortar eatery at 2708 Paoli Pike in New Albany; and in 2020, the debut of a one-barrel “nano” brewing system and full-service bar next door called Fistful of Ale.

On Thursday, February 1, Fistful of Ale is offering public recognition to new brewer Andy Urquhart.

Andy joined the team in late 2023, and is already off to an amazing start brewing some old Fistful favorites, as well as gearing up to bring you some brand new, bold future brews.

What’s more, the occasion is being used to reintroduce Fistful of Ales to the community.

Thursday, February 1, we are going to offer customers their first Fistful beer pour for $1. Yep, $1. This offer is good for a single Fistful beer pour per customer for $1. We have now raised the bar on our quality, consistency and selection, so we hope you will join us next Thursday and bring a friend!

I absolutely love what Fistful of Ales is doing with this promotion, because it covers multiple patches in one throw; a new brewer is being welcomed, as well as credited for renewing the brewhouse, which in turn has inspired a raising of the bar on “quality, consistency and selection” (a tacit yet forthright acknowledgment of past inconsistency), and as such, it’s a fine time for a reintroduction.

In short, this isn’t the sort of offer you make unless you’re confident, and I’ll be in attendance on Thursday to sample the beers.