WDRB-41 has revealed the advent of a new West African restaurant in Crescent Hill a few days ago. An address is not provided, but it can be confirmed via Google that the eatery is located at 2900 Brownsboro Road, formerly home to the deceased Simply Mediterranean.

An excerpt:

Makissi Livingston is the owner of KK Kitchen on Brownsboro Road near Hillcrest Avenue. With a dream of having her own restaurant, Livingston previously worked in the restaurant business for several years in Rhode Island after moving there from West Africa. While Livingston enjoys cooking, she always had a goal to open her own restaurant showcasing the food she grew up with.

In the news channel’s defense, its unnamed contributor may have felt justified confusion. As an aside, if the writer uses “West Africa” in the text, so should it read in the header, as Africa is a big, varied continent, and modifiers contribute to precision.

I believe we can reasonably surmise that KK Kitchen and Makissi Kitchen are the same entity, with premises at 2900 Brownsboro Road in Crescent Hill, and available dishes including jollof rice, fried rice, jerk chicken, egusi soup, goat meat soup, fried fish, and palm butter soup.

This Facebook page appears to be the pertinent one in current use, albeit bearing the “other” name: Makissi Kitchen. In any event, the food looks absolutely delicious, and it may be time for a field trip.