Seemed all the talk for the past two weeks centered on better burger restaurants opening up.

This week the talk shifts to pizza places, specifically one in J-Town and one in the Phoenix Hill/Highlands area.Confirmed: The old Ferd Grisanti restaurant will soon be occupied by Loui Loui’s Authentic Detroit-style Pizza. The name reflects both Louie’s Pizza in Detroit and this new offshoot in Louisville. Detroit-style pizza is sort of a combination of the Italian “pizza in teglia” (pronounced “tell-ya”) and an America pan-pizza. The crust is thick, chewy and crispy on the outside from being literally fried by the brushing of oil given the heavy steel pan in which it’s baked. It’s not typically a heavily topped pizza, but flavorfully topped and quite good.

To be confirmed: The second mover is DiOrio’s, the St. Matt’s New York-style pie house, which will add a new unit in the former Tequila Factory site at 917 Baxter Ave. So in about a half mile stretch you’ll have Spinelli’s Pizza, Wick’s Pizza, Papalino’s Pizza and DiOrio’s? That’s competition!