While not officially classified as one of his “The Taste Bud” columns, our friend and contributor Kevin Gibson’s documentation of a recent visit to La Bodeguita de Mima is close enough for Punto guajiro, so head over to his web site (it’s free) and learn why “Ropa Vieja de Lata is not your ordinary canned meat.”

Ropa Vieja at La Bodeguita de Mima is Rich History in a Can

I finally made it to La Bodeguita de Mima recently, and I didn’t get the Ropa Vieja de Lata as my entrée. I don’t think that will happen again, if only because of the interesting history and the way La Bodeguita serves the dish.

Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, Kevin’s new book is street legal: Oldest Louisville: A Guide to Historic Treasures (go here to purchase).

Book signing at Akasha Brewing Co.

Chartered in 1780, Louisville has no shortage of fascinating history, starting with the development of Portland, the building of Fort Nelson and the early days of the tobacco and bourbon trade. In Oldest Louisville, you’ll meet the man behind the city’s oldest still-operating funeral service, learn of the magistrate who lived in Portland’s oldest wood-frame home, hear the stories behind Louisville’s oldest parks and cemeteries (and how sometimes they overlapped), and get acquainted with the oldest living zoo animal and the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner. You’ll read the muddled history of the Old Fashioned cocktail and discover the story of a thrilling duel in a cemetery. This book is not only offers historical insight about the city’s culture and legacies, but also dives into entertaining stories to put the history into a measure of human context. Plus, you’ll meet the people who helped make Louisville what it is, from Gen. George Rogers Clark to Louis D. Brandeis to Muhammad Ali. Sit back, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy the ride through historic Louisville.

Cover photo credit: Kevin Gibson.

Kevin Gibson has been a professional writer for more than three decades, having written about restaurants, beer, bourbon, sports, night life, music and plenty more. He has won numerous awards from The Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists and Indiana State Press Association, among others, but can’t remember where he put most of them. In addition, he has written for publications like LEO Weekly, Bourbon+ magazine, Thrillist, Alcohol Professor, Louisville Magazine and many more, including various newspapers. When he’s not busy writing books or stories about Louisville, he’s likely hanging out at a brewery with his dog, Atticus.