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It surely has not escaped the notice of our readers that this appropriately rainy Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, 2023. Our esteemed F&D colleague Kevin Gibson has not one but two bits of helpful advice for those venturing into the commemorative Hibernian diaspora today.

First, where to go.

8 Irish-Themed Bars for a Pint (or Three) This St. Patrick’s Day

Even for those who don’t have a drop of Irish blood, St. Patrick’s Day is a good day to get out and hoist a few pints with friends.

Fortunately, Louisville has, since the mid-1800s, had a strong contingent of Irish bloodlines, thanks in part to unrest in the Old World prompting them to come here for refuge. Louisville made for a perfect place for these families to start over and make a new life for themselves.

Now, their descendants have plenty of places around town to celebrate that adventurous spirit (and a few other spirits). Let’s hope these places will be buzzing on March 17.

And, how to do it correctly: “I know it will be tempting, but this St. Patrick’s Day, please do not drink green beer. Please.”

The Taste Bud: This St. Patrick’s Day, Please Don’t Drink Green Beer

I have no interest in drinking beer simply because I’m being told I’m somehow supposed to be drinking green beer. Why would I do that? Why would anyone do that? If beer was meant to be green, it would be green. Adding dye to your beer doesn’t make you Irish any more than eating a taco makes you Latin. Besides, Guinness not only tastes far better than a putrid green beer, it’s also good for your health.

To which the digital editor adds a third consideration.

Damn straight Guinness is good for you

In today’s fractured beer world, draught Guinness will strike many as far too simple a beverage, absent the many bells and whistles seemingly necessary to draw attention to thousands of limited-release seasonals (and guarantee prime placement on “look what I’m drinking” social media feeds), but to me the elemental, low-gravity, human-friendly essence of Guinness is the entire point.

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