A bar and grill in Louisville, and a popular coffee house and cafe in Jeffersonville have recently announced their closings.

Mulligan’s Pub & Grille, 1801 Newburg Rd. (a location that will forever referred to in Louisville as “where Kaelin’s used to be”) closed suddenly last week. The announcement, posted anonymously on its Facebook page, simply said, “MILLIGANS [sic] HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS EFFECTIVE TODAY. I have no idea why, so please don’t ask me. Thank you all for your years of loyal patronage. The staff are now looking for work, should you have any leads. Post them below and I’ll see to it that they are shared with them. Again, thank you.”

After the long, beloved run of its predecessor, Mulligan’s managed to forge its own identity and cultivate its own coterie of fans, who came for the live music, open mic nights, and its consistently satisfying bar food.

Across the river, Jeffersonville restaurant Perkfection Cafe announced that it would close the restaurant portion of its business effective Nov. 15. The owner of the building reportedly has decided that a food service business is no longer desirable in that space, and has declined to renew the lease on the locally popular lunch spot and daytime hangout.

Owner Nathan Todaro hopes to keep the coffee side open month to month for a while, but is also looking into developing a new food business, encouraged by the development in the area stimulated by the opening of the Big Four bridge.