Here’s the big story: Wiltshire on Market (636 E. Market in Louisville) has reopened, and Eric Morris, late of Faces, is the new executive chef, with assistance by Ben Frothingham.

Be aware that the Wiltshire on Market page at Facebook does not appear to have been entirely updated with this new information, so peruse judiciously. Seeing as the “reopening” post below from last week pegged opening hours as running from Thursday through Sunday, you might check back later, or just give Wiltshire on Market a call.

The text:

And without further ado…Wiltshire On Market is back!

We’re so excited to open our doors again and welcome you back. We truly have the most loyal customers who always roll with the punches, so THANK YOU for always hanging in there with us.

We want to extend a warm welcome to Eric Morris as executive chef. Eric joins team Wiltshire with decades of innovative culinary experience. Eric is joined by Ben Frothingham who recently moved to Louisville from Portland, Oregon. We look forward to their collaboration.

Your table is waiting for you; Call 502-589-5224 for reservations.