First, I want to thank you and all of Apron, it is incredible to know that there are people who want to protect and help those of us in the service industry. I know a few of my fellow Decca servers and tenders have received the grant as well, and it has made an unimaginable difference in the way these past few weeks have played out. I am entirely grateful and in awe of what you all do. Having a portion of our rent paid will allow my husband and I to refill our empty fridge and buy my medications.

APRON Inc. has been busy.

“This month has really put all of us at APRON Inc to the test, and I think we are coming out on top thanks to great community and corporate support,” writes Gary Fox, the non-profit’s president, in an information release. “We have a very long way to go, though. We still have hundreds of applications in the process of being approved and we will be looking for funding for those grants. I think I’m beginning to understand the term ‘cautious optimism’ in facing the next few months.”

Almost $140,000 has been donated to APRON during the period since coronavirus shutdowns commenced. These numbers and comparisons tell the story.

  • Applications from March – Current: 1000+. APRON has had about 400 total in eight years
  • Grants processed and given so far: 300. APRON has given 230 in eight years
  • Over 150 individuals have sent in donations from $5.00 to $2,500
  • One anonymous donor has given two $20,000 challenge grants- both matched
  • One Louisville Covid-19 Response Fund awarded us $25,000
  • Corporate sponsors include RNDC, Southern Liquors, Heaven Hill, Ashbourne Farms

APRON is partnering with these fundraisers:

Beers with Beshear T-shirts (proceeds go to APRON)

Unbridled Eve Help a Restaurant; visit Unbridled Eve Derby Gala Fb page (proceeds go to APRON)

Chibo/GE Online Cooking Classes  (fee goes to APRON)

  • Damaris Phillips – April 19th – Recipe TBD
  • Andrew McCabe – April 20th – Recipe TBD
  • Anthony Lamas – April 27th – Lunch with Chef Lamas (Chicken Tinga)
  • Jackie Zykan – April 30th – Derby Drinks (Mint Julep, Old Fashioned)

Donate to APRON Inc.