Thanks to the ongoing diligence of our friend and former colleague Michael L. Jones at Louisville Business First, we now know that some of the same people who brought you Hauck’s Corner in Schnitzelburg (“Germantown” works geographically, too) will be opening another eatery called Breakfast AF at 1008 Goss Ave. in late July.

But what I don’t know is the meaning of “AF,” so with the always helpful assistance of the Free Dictionary, here are my Top 15 translations of Breakfast AF (as opposed to AI).

15 Breakfast Acre Feet
14 Breakfast Anglo-French
13 Breakfast Addams Family
12 Breakfast Arkitektförbundet
11 Breakfast Atomic Fluorescence
10 Breakfast Availability of the Fiber Cable
09 Breakfast Abercrombie & Fitch
08 Breakfast Armed Forces
07 Breakfast Ad Finem (Latin: to the end)
06 Breakfast Attack Flamingo
05 Breakfast Assets Forfeiture
04 Breakfast Anaerobic Filter
03 Breakfast Auto-Flash
02 Breakfast Anarchist Federation
01 Breakfast Acronym Fatigue

(Okay, okay; I well know what the cool kids mean when they say “AF”, and the Urban Dictionary stands ready to enlighten those readers who are curious about all the chortling.)

You’ll undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief as we turn to the reporter Jones for the lowdown on Breakfast AF.

Hauck’s Corner owners to open Breakfast AF in Schnitzelburg this month

A new breakfast restaurant is coming to Schnitzelburg.

Angelica Pizzonia, co-owner of Breakfast AF, said she and her partners hope to open the new breakfast spot at 1008 Goss Ave. on July 26, but they still have some details to work out. Pizzonia and her husband Fred are co-owners, along with Jeff Walschon and Craig Priddy, of Hauck’s Corner, a tavern that opened at 1000 Goss Ave. in the former Hauck’s Handy Store in 2022.

Pizzonia said Breakfast AF was a way for Hauck’s owners to open a new restaurant in the same neighborhood without duplicating themselves.

Breakfast AF will seek to maintain “both morning and late night hours for people who want a breakfast after a night out,” seven days a week.

As for today’s cover photo credit, Michael “Louisville Ale Trail” Moeller posted it to the unofficial Schnitzelburg Fb page. And, for further reading in the vicinity, here’s Kevin Gibson’s profile of Hauck’s Corner from the Fall 2022 F&D.