Hats off to Dahlia Ghabour (Louisville Courier Journal) for providing this definitive report on the status of Tha Drippin CrabDarnell Ferguson’s Tha Drippin’ Crab permanently closes. But SuperChefs may return.

After a break-in and some equipment malfunctions in August, the restaurant closed temporarily to try to assess the damage. Tha Drippin Crab team attempted to reopen in October, but couldn’t swing it. The restaurant has been closed and dark ever since.

Ferguson said he wanted to reopen Tha Drippin Crab after the break-in, but it needed more marketing funds than he was able to provide.

“We did permanently close Drippin Crab,” Ferguson said. “I just learned a lot about locations in that one, for me.”

If you don’t have access to the CJ, here’s the scorecard: Tha Drippin Crab is no more, SuperChefs might yet return in summer at a new location, and the creator of both concepts, Darnell Ferguson, currently is staying busy with his own television show, “Superchefs Grunge Match” (Food Network; starting February 7).