(Late edit: There’s a Go Fund Me page to help staff at Roosters.)

The Roosters restaurant concept dates to 1988. Restaurant Business explains the chain’s origins.

Roosters is a traditional casual-dining concept offering a varied menu that includes signature jumbo chicken wings, served whole instead of in conventional sections, along with items such as burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and specialty “dumpster” fries. The chain positions itself as a fun, family-friendly dining option with moderately priced meals served in a casual, sports-friendly atmosphere.

On Monday morning, a blaze consumed the Roosters restaurant in Clarksville. Describing the outcome as a total loss, Clarksville Fire Chief Brandon Skaggs pondered the impact in comments at the Courier Journal.

“I hate this for our community because this is an important business and a popular community gathering space for local residents. Especially with March Madness coming up, this will be a major loss for the business and for our community.”

The fire’s cause is as yet unknown.