Is your baby’s name something that can be bought?

If so, KFC is willing to do just that if your baby is born on September 9. All you have to do is name your baby Harland (ranked No. 3,257 on the list of most common baby names for 2017, according to the restaurant). The first baby born and named Harland in the eligible time period will be the grand prize winner of $11,000 toward the baby’s college education. September 9 would be the Kentucky icon’s 128th birthday, and the restaurant hopes to honor him in this way.

You can enter the contest September 9 through October 9 at the official web site.

“Even though vintage names are making a comeback, our iconic founder’s name was dwindling in popularity, and we couldn’t just stand idly by and let that happen,” said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. chief marketing officer, in a press release. “We hope that this birthday celebration honors the Colonel and encourages the next generation of people aspiring to live the American dream.”