Do not adjust your computer monitor or smack your smartphone on the counter. What you are reading is true and not based on an advertising reenactment.

Boombozz Pizza & Taphouse is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a buy one large pizza, get another large pizza for 15 cents steal.

Un. Real.

If we could type and drive at the same time—and had a 2-mile long extension cord with citywide wi-fi—we’d be on our way. But we don’t, and we’re not because we’re serving you, dear readers, by telling you first. So save us a seat when you get there or you might get trampled.

It really has been 15 years since Tony Palombino opened Tony Boombozz in a diminutive St. Matthews location, where he made pizza topped with things like potatoes, actual fresh basil, eggplant and sausage that didn’t resemble soy-textured goat droppings. It was revolutionary for Louisville and eye opening for judges of a contest at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, who chose Palombino’s Pizza Pollotate as its pizza of the year in 1998.

Susan Reigler, then a restaurant critic for the Courier-Journal, caught wind of the hometown boy’s win and made hay of it in the paper. As Palombino tells it, the business has never been the same.

“We wanted to throw a huge party and thank every one of our loyal fans for choosing Boombozz for the last fifteen years,” said Palombino, the five unit mini-chain’s founder and CEO, in a press release. (Because of this stroke of generosity, we vote Tony be nicknamed “Fifteen Cent.”) “Boombozz was born with the idea that if pizza lovers had a choice between better or best, they would naturally choose best, so we set out to make the best possible pizza by procuring the best possible ingredients.”

See? He said it, too. No goat droppings.

The pizza deal, which is for dine-in only and provides one 15-cent pizza per table, is available at all four Louisville locations, so get your bib on and get going. The deal lasts until the end of September.