If any of these names strike a chord…

  • Jim Porter’s
  • Phoenix Hill Tavern
  • Jillian’s
  • Coyote’s
  • The Rudyard Kipling

…then you’re advised to visit issuu and read Two Decades & Too Many Memories, by Sara Havens, a.k.a. The Bar Belle, as her story appears in our most recent Summer 2023 (Vol. 78) – 20th Anniversary edition.

Since this here magazine is celebrating 20 years of dishing out dining details for the Greater Louisville area, I wanted to look back on 20 years of Louisville’s nightlife and remember the great times we had at bars that have long been shuttered. For better or worse, each and every one of these establishments helped shape who I am today. Although I may have lost some brain cells along the way, the beer-soaked memories live on like a phone number etched on a bathroom stall at The Back Door.