At Louisville Business First, Michael L. Jones has the two-in-one story of a closing (the Grainwright bakery at Logan Street Market) and a concurrent new beginning for business owner/baker James Bridges.

(James) Bridges operated the Grainwright with his wife Claire. The bakery offered a rotating menu of bread loaves, pastries, croissants and other baked goods from its storefront. It also did a wholesale business providing baked goods to local restaurants like Naïve, V-Grits and North of Bourbon.

Bridges said the bakery shut down because he accepted a job with Ashbourne Farms. He will be helping to lead the bread program at the Haymarket, Ashbourne Farms’ upcoming marketplace and urban garden at 3020 River Road on the former Lebanese Country Club site.

The baker expanded on his new position in a post at Facebook.

The text:

Announcement time folks. I have been given an irresistible opportunity to join the amazing team @haymarket_lou! Everything that we have established and believe in when it comes to holistic food systems will now be allowed to flourish under the umbrella of @ashbournefarms.

The pursuit of our mission will be given renewed vigour and opportunities for continued learning and collaboration with an all-star crew make for the most exciting proposition of my career in food.

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support over the years, and here’s to the next wonderful chapter in this tale. Love you, mean it.

Earlier this year we took a glance at the emerging Haymarket project.

Haymarket by Ashbourne Farms, coming to 3032 River Road in 2023