I’m 30 and a lot of my friends are really into music. Through opening weekend, I watched so many friends with their jaw open. They’d only been exposed probably to shitty elevator jazz, and this blew their mind.

That’s Brian Goodwin, co-owner with Dennie Humphrey of Jimmy Can’t Dance, as interviewed by Syd Bishop at LEO Weekly in 2017. The jazz club in the basement of Another Place Sandwich Shop downtown on Seventh Street closed last weekend.

Another Place already had wound down at the end of February following a half-century as the Goodwin family business, and altogether it has been an elegiac vibe as the city’s central business district continues to struggle amid the pandemic’s dislocations.

After a half-century, Another Place Sandwich Shop bows out

Jimmy Can’t Dance, which began operations in August of 2017, said its own goodbyes in a post at Instagram.


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Here’s the text.

Hello Friends! We would like to send our love and thanks to you as we tip our hat and follow Another Place Sandwich Shop out the door. We are two halves, one heartbeat – delicate dance partners, one ecosystem. This iteration of the business rose together and we will walk away together with our chins up. The time we had was lightning in a bottle and we hope you felt that when you visited us. In this old building, lives were changed, people were married, things were discovered, hearts were broken, nights were made – we did it all. Mostly we had a good time and got along…We would love to blow one out with a big crowd but we will have to settle for remembering the nights that we did. Here’s to change, new chapters and continued good times.