No alcohol is used in the preparation of drunken noodles, the spicy Thai hangover remedy (cover photo credit).

We might have a very long discussion as to the efficacy, in one of many ideal worlds, of human beings consuming beverage alcohol. But they do, and will continue doing so.  Alcoholism is no laughing matter, and impaired driving even worse, yet throughout history efforts at prohibition have tended to be futile.

Speaking as one who has been active in the beer business for more than four decades, any notion of maturity for what I’m guessing is the majority of human beings is a cultivated state of mind that embraces a constant internal dialogue aimed at balancing alcoholic beverages as potentially harmful drugs on the one hand, with their utility to enhance the enjoyment of life on the other.

Enjoy them, but not too much. Know your limits, and be responsible.

But eventually, to play is to pay, and this is especially true on January 1 each year, when many people feel the aftereffects of over-indulgence. Hence this article; completely absent preaching, and offered as a palliative.

The only way to avoid a hangover is to practice abstinence, and barring that, to drink within boundaries. If that isn’t possible, and for the sake of cupboard preparation, read on. The article is a few years old—and the subject matter, timeless.

National Hangover Day 2021: 7 Hangover Cures to Recover From New Year’s Eve, by Marina Watts (Newsweek)

Though we don’t know exactly what will work, we’ve done some research on some solutions worth trying out. Aside from being less than 25 years of age, here are some hangover cures to help you gracefully enter 202(2), with as little pain as possible.

Hydrate … Eat Breakfast … Hair of the Dog … Get Plenty of Sleep … Drink Coffee or Tea … Get Some Exercise

Anthony Bourdain’s Recommendation: In 2016, our beloved Chef told TMZ a surefire way to kick a hangover to the curb in the wake of the Chicago Cubs’ World Series title. “Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food—works every time,” he said.

Did I mention “drunken” noodles?