My personal strategy for coping with the stressful demands of welcoming a new year is to be fast asleep in my own bed when the clock strikes midnight. Judas Priest is fine by me, but “living after midnight, rocking to the dawn” no longer describes my objectives.

But to each their own. Those of you who wish to be nocturnal about it, fine and dandy, and I’ll crawl off somewhere to nurse a glass of Imperial Stout within pillow’s reach, thereby keeping my car off the road. I’d be falling asleep at midnight, anyway.

Having divulged my prejudices in favor of early-to-bed (day) drinking, here’s the flip side: During the entire tangled history of marketing, I’ve seldom been targeted quite as effectively as with the relatively newfangled notion of celebrating our local New Year’s Eve on European time.

The ball drops at 6 or 7:00 p.m.? Absolutely brilliant, and right down the middle of the plate in my world.

Accordingly, at least two Louisville beer-centric establishments (did you know that beer is another of my perennial preferences?) are offering Euro-friendly experiences on December 31: New Year’s Eve in Austria at The Holy Grale/The Grales, and England New Year’s Eve at Falls City Brewing Company.

The Grales text:

🇦🇹 NEW YEAR’S EVE in Austria 🇦🇹
at Holy Grale, Sunday, December 31st, 2023, 2-10pm
*toast at 6, on Austrian time!*

Every year we celebrate New Year’s Eve “Around the World”, having been to Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain over past years. To roll in the year of 2024, we take you to the land of the Alps, home of weiner schnitzel, birthplace of Mozart…. AUSTRIA!

You may find yourself ‘yoda-lay-he-who-ing’ with an amazing pop-up to ring in the ‘neujahr’. The toast will be at 6pm (midnight in Austria). Austrian beverages and a special a la carte food menu by executive chef, Jill Vieracker are featured alongside, a night of yodeling and waltzing.

Be aware of the reservation policy for this Austrian (early) evening. Meanwhile, here’s the prospectus for a British-flavored NYE with Falls City (901 East Liberty Street).

Celebrate a British New Years Eve with Falls City! A night full of excitement, fireworks, and unforgettable memories! Ball drops at 7pm.

Join us for a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration at Falls City! Get ready to welcome the new year with a bang in the heart of England (well… Louisville). This in-person event promises an unforgettable night filled with joy, laughter, and excitement.

On Sunday, December 31, 2023 , the festivities kick off at 4:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Prepare to be dazzled by a fantastic live performance, great beer, food & complimentary champagne toast (21 & Up).

As the clock strikes 7pm (Midnight, GMT Time), get ready to ring in the new year with friends & family! Giving all the chance to celebrate without having to be awake till midnight EST.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at Falls City! No tickets necessary- free event, family friendly (must be 21years of age to consume alcohol).

Cover photo: Hofburg palace in Vienna, 1997 (author’s collection).