Writing at the Courier Journal, Amanda Hancock provides an overview of the recently shifting dining terrain at the historic Colonial Gardens property (818 W. Kenwood Drive, near Iroquois Park in the South End), which can accommodate four food service businesses.

Biscuit Belly and Taco Luchador locations departed the premises last year, but The B.A. Colonial (American casual cuisine) remains in operation, and newcomer Costa del Sol (Honduran) is now open.

Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya also is coming soon, leaving a single vacancy because Union 15 Pizza did not make it into the new year following a 2023 revival under new ownership.

Union 15 closes at Colonial Gardens, as new restaurants are on the way. What we know

“Their year is up and we opted to not renew them,” according to the food hall’s developer Jeff Underhill. “This is not a tragic fallout. This is a business decision to go in another direction.”

A little bird tells F&D that Union 15’s successor will be a well-known local pizza purveyor, but mum’s the word pending a formal announcement. Here are capsules of the two known newcomers:

Costa del Sol: This Mexican and Central American eatery stands out from a crowded field with its niche Honduran menu items, including traditional dishes like baleadas – wheat flour tortillas folded over beans, cheese and other savory fillings.

Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya: Named for Japan’s diverse northernmost island (the home of Sapporo beer), Hokkaido combines the best of traditional ramen, appetizers and rice dishes in a convivial setting, bringing the izakaya – an informal pub with bites, beers and sake – to the South End.