In 2021, F&D’s editor-in-chief Marty Rosen provided testimony as to why Mai’s Thai matters. The restaurant is located at 1411 E 10th Street in Jeffersonville.

Letter from the Editor: Mai’s Thai is 20 years old, and there’ll be a party

The gist of it:

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who has reviewed Mai’s has been inspired by both the food and Mai herself. Mai is a chef whose personality and heart as big and boisterous as the flavors she builds in her kitchen.

Today’s link: Mai’s Thai has been serving authentic cuisine for 23 years in Jeffersonville, by Libby Cunningham (Jeffersonville News and Tribune). The one remaining question is how Mai’s Thai could have celebrated 20 years of existence in 2021, and now 23 in 2023.

However these numbers look a little too much like mathematics for my taste this early in the morning, so let’s stick with highlighting perhaps the most important revelation served up by the reporter Cunningham: a Mai’s Thai “succession” may be in place via Mai Meyers’ granddaughter Alexis Addison and the new Mini Mai’s Thai food truck.

For a family-owned business, who comes next is potentially a matter of its life or death. Fingers duly crossed, it’s time for a serving of Tom Kha Gai. The food truck’s whereabouts are being posted at the Mai’s Thai page at Facebook.