A series of Facebook postings last week set the scene for Citizen 7’s finale on Sunday. The restaurant departs after three and a half years at Norton Commmons.

Citizen 7 opened in early 2016, and later that summer the Courier-Journal’s Nancy Miller praised the restaurant’s “South American inspired gourmet street food.” 

It has been almost a year since I reviewed Fontleroy’s, chef Allan Rosenberg’s then-new restaurant in the Highlands. I wrote, “He infuses traditional Southern with innovation that’s unceremoniously assertive and fun.”
Well, he’s again infusing his cooking with innovation that’s assertive and fun. This time, he’s doing it at Citizen 7, a Latin restaurant in Norton Commons … his dishes undulate with flavors that can keep you guessing what’s behind them. For the most part, his South American street food makes you wish you could wander the streets for more.

Perhaps most importantly to those readers with Citizen 7 Gift Cards, they’ll be honored through 2019 at Couvillion.