Until F&D’s contributing writer Cary Stemle schooled me, I had no idea that the 1920s-era building at 1114 Bardstown Road, which became home to Ditto’s Grill and Stevens Deli, previously had been “a Model T dealership owned by Hubert Ditto and Buford Hartzell,” and later the Den of Steven antique mall.

Hartzell’s Grill wouldn’t be the same. Cary’s profile appeared in our most recent print edition, Summer 2023 — the 20th Anniversary Issue, soon to become a collector’s item.

Forged in the experience that was Casa Grisanti, Frank Yang, Dominic Serratore and Susan Stevens have created something lasting of their own. Now in their fourth decade, Ditto’s Grill and Stevens Deli show few signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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