File this under, “We’re not even remotely surprised.”

Late yesterday, on New Year’s Day, this message popped up on the Facebook page for El Taco Luchador: “We are re-opening at 6. Pm. We’ve had a great day so far but need to prep some more for tonight. Thank you for the great first day.”

This is after opening at 2 p.m., which means it only took four hours to empty the hotline of all its prepped food.

This is not some production par mistake by an amateur team. El Taco Luchador owners Fernando, Christina and Yaniel Martinez knew a big crunch was coming. As owners of Guaca Mole and Mussel & Burger Bar, they’ve been slammed before.

At 10 p.m. last night, this message was posted on its Facebook page: “Opening tomorrow at 12:00pm,” which is one hour later than its typical posted opening time.

That’s how busy this Highlands taqueria was on its first day.

Some have called this location cursed because of the misfortunes of its restaurant predecessors, Li’l Cheezer’s and Potstickers. Curse or no curse, opening day alone makes clear that El Taco Luchador won’t likely meet a similar fate.

Check it out for yourself—if you can get in today—and see what the hubbub is about. We got lucky and were invited to a pre-opening lunch last week, and trust us, it’s muy delicioso y fantastico! Click here to read more.