While I haven’t yet had the pleasure of sampling sweet potato desserts and pastries fashioned by Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company, the photos at their website and Facebook page are mouthwatering (our cover photo today is Georgia’s mini spiced Kentucky Bourbon sweet potato pie).

Deyago and Dawn Urrutia launched Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company in 2017; the company is named for Dawn Urrutia’s grandmother.

Georgia’s mission is to inspire the world by connecting people to the their famous sweet potato products and to support their passion of giving back to the community. Georgia’s team volunteers throughout the year at local non-profits and donates products at community events.

Those who’ve started small businesses on a wing and a prayer know how much goes into the decision to move up to the next level, as the Urrutias are doing with a storefront on Bardstown Road.

It’s a great story, and Dahlia Ghabour has the details at The Courier Journal.

Black-owned Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Co. announces Louisville storefront opening

For the last three years, Dawn Urrutia has baked all the pies for Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Co. at night, sharing space inside Trinity House Christian Childcare when it was closed. Fluorescent lights, alarms and timers were her best friends.

In January, Urrutia won’t have to bake overnight anymore: Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Co. will have its own space for the first time with the opening of a storefront at 1559 Bardstown Road.

“The universe lined up for us,” Urrutia said. “I wanted a family-friendly space, no matter what. My husband loved Bardstown Road, the way it feels. We got both. It’ll be soft, cozy, comforting colors. When you walk into Georgia’s, we want you to feel like you’re at your nana’s house.”