After only a year in operation at the Mellwood Arts Center, Le Gallo Rosso, the Italian restaurant that had operated on Bardstown Rd. for many years, has announced that it is now closed, and has no current plans to open again elsewhere.

Chef Annette Saco closed her original Le Gallo Rosso on Bardstown Road in 2014. That Highlands spot is now home to Roux.

After closing Le Gallo Rosso, Saco worked briefly as head chef at Don Vito’s Italian Bistro, a New Albany restaurant that lasted less than a year. (That space is soon to open as Gospel Bird, a Southern concept created by chef Eric Morris.)

Saco reopened Le Gallo Rosso January 2015. Although her lunch business was fairly robust, it continued to be difficult to attract dinner patrons to that out-of-the-way location.