National Geographic has a long reputation of hyperbole in headlining its stories, but hyperbole is part of marketing, right? And whether or not the wording is a bit exaggerated, it is always fun to note that local businesses get attention in national media. The local Louisville business that was recently singled out in National G, in a story titled ‘100 Places That Will Change Your Life,’ is Moonshine University.

A story in Insider Louisville  reported that in a recent special issue of National Geographic, Louisville’s Moonshine University was ranked No. 20 in a list of “100 Places That Will Change Your Life.”

Moonshine University is part of the Distilled Spirits Epicenter at 801 S. Eighth St. There, small professional-level pot stills are used in hands-on workshops that teach the basics of distilling, followed by other courses that outline what is necessary to enter the distilled spirits business.

The write-up in National G touts Moonshine U thusly: “Bourbon? Rum? Absinthe? Name your poison, and the master distillers at Moonshine University in Louisville will school you in how to coax it out of corn, molasses, or wormwood.”

For those interested in what, exactly is offered at Moonshine U., click here