It’s difficult to believe that almost ten years have passed since De La Torres departed the scene.

de la Torres sold; Louvino wine bar to take over space

At the risk of over-simplification, there isn’t a single monolithic Spanish cookbook to emulate. Rather, it’s Catalonia, Asturias, Galicia, Basque country, and a dozen or more other regions with their own specialized cuisines subject to kitchen interpretation. In turn, most of these have come to North America via the former Spanish colonial lands (Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and so on), implying a New World process of adaptation.

Earlier this month Louisville Busines First’s Michael L. Jones wrote about an ownership change at Jeffersontown’s Barcelona Bistro Bar.

Barcelona Bistro Bar in East Louisville has a new owner after two years in business

Yuniska “Yuni” Gonzalez purchased the Barcelona Bistro Bar at 10415 Taylorsville Road from its founder for an undisclosed sum in March.

Maria “Alba” Clementson, a Barcelona-native and former actress, opened the restaurant in 2020. She and her husband Mark still own the 2,880-square-foot property, which they lease to Gonzalez.

All 12 of the employees who worked for Clementson also stayed with the restaurant.

Jones added this: “Gonzalez is a native of Cuba who’s grandparents are from Spain, so she grew up eating many of the dishes served at the Barcelona Bistro Bar.”

It’s a feel-good story, and best wishes to the new owner. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some Pacharán for my hip flask before we motor over to Barcelona.