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As if you needed an introduction, but for the benefit of any newbies who’ve wandered into our habitat, meet Dan Dry.

Dan Dry, PriceWeber’s image consultant extraordinaire, has won over 400 national and international photography, advertising, and design awards. A member of the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photography staff from 1976 until 1982, Dan then went on to travel the world shooting for National Geographic. Dan also served as director of the Kentucky Derby photo team for 30 years and director of photography for the Breeders’ Cup for 31 years—no, don’t ask him for tickets!—and is the sole author of over 20 coffee table books and (famous foodie that he is) cookbooks.

We note with pride that Dan is also the man behind Food & Dining Magazine’s award-winning photographs, and somehow he has also found time over the years to support APRON Inc.

The mission of APRON Inc. is to provide temporary, limited financial relief to professional food and beverage workers in the Louisville, KY metro area who work at locally-owned establishments and who are experiencing financial distress due to illness, accident, emergency, or catastrophic event through no fault of their own.

At APRON Inc.’s recent 10th anniversary celebration, Dan received the non-profit’s Director’s Award for personal service. It is an honor richly deserved, so on behalf of F&D, congratulations Dan!

Here’s the text:

We Thank You Dan Dry

“All of us at APRON were so pleased to give Dan Dry the APRON Inc. Director’s Award for great personal service to APRON Inc. Throughout the years he has always supported us and given of his time and talent. We are even more pleased that Dan has recently joined the Board of Directors and is sharing his expertise with us on an almost daily basis. His insight made our recent 10th Anniversary event- “10 Taste Salute” the most successful fundraiser ever, and we all look forward to collaborating in the future.”

Gary Fox, President, APRON Inc.

About APRON Inc.’s “10 Taste Salute”:

A “10 Taste Salute!” on October 10 honors APRON Inc.’s 10th birthday

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