On Nov. 9, 732 Social will emerge from bar and restaurant limbo for one night only to benefit Dare to Care. The resurrection will occur, of course, at 732 E. Market St.

Larry Rice and Jared Schubert, co-beverage directors when Social opened in 2008, came up with the idea and are organizing the one-night takeover of the space that is now Galaxie. According to a story in the Courier-Journal, “the drinks, the food, the prices, the staff, even the space itself …will take Louisville diners back to the days when 732 Social was changing the way Louisville did drinks.”

In that C-J story, Rice takes pride in what 732 Social achieved at the time in being at the forefront of the craft cocktail movement. He says 732 Social was one of the first bars to emphasize the use of fresh juices and house-made syrups in their drinks. Rice has subsequently had a hand in developing the bar programs at Silver Dollar, El Camino, and the Pearl of Germantown.

A number of others who worked at 732 Social have stayed in Louisville and gone on to work at other notable dining and drinking establishments, among them Cody Stone (Decca), Matthew Farley (Portage House), and Adam Breitenstein (21C).

Many staff from 732 Social have agreed to work again for the pop-up event. Drink prices will be $9, another flashback to the halcyon days of 2008, and the food will be small plate versions of the old menu.

Proceeds from the night will go to Dare to Care. The event is sponsored by Wheatley Vodka, Four Roses Bourbon, Don Julio Tequila, Heaven Hill Brands, Copper and Kings American Brandy and Mala Idea Mezcal.