I think one of the biggest inspirations is you can make something with your hands, make it taste good and, within minutes, someone can eat it and you can see their reaction. You see people take a bite and they do the little happy dance in their seat. That’s my favorite.
Annie Pettry

Chef Pettry announced her departure from Decca in a social media post on Monday, and her own words tell the story.

The full text:

In February of 2012, I moved sight unseen, to Louisville, KY to be a part of the opening team as the chef of Decca, a Mediterranean inspired, wood-fired, locavore spot set in a gorgeous historical brick building. Little did I know at the time that I’d end up a restaurant owner and part of a wonderful extended family, the Deccafam.

This Decca family is made up of the most extraordinary people and I am blessed to have known you all. Over the years we’ve grown together and been through many changes, successes, challenges, and triumphs. This past year was extremely difficult yet you faced it head on and I am in awe of your collective strength, flexibility, and ability to stay positive and graceful under pressure. But mostly the years have been full of your laughter and kindness, amazing food & drink, and the kind of big-hearted hospitality that extends past the restaurant walls and into the community beyond.

I would like to thank you for investing so much love, talent, and endless hours of hard work into making Decca special. Thank you, I am forever grateful for you. I would also like to thank the incredible farmers, service providers, friends, neighbors, and guests that have shown up time & time again with love & support. It has been my honor to know you and I am eternally grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that after 9 amazing years my time in Louisville and as the Chef Owner of Decca Restaurant has come to an end. This has been a long and difficult decision to make but it my heart I know it is the right one. Although, I am super sad, I’m so very grateful for all of the wonderful experiences and lovely people that I’ve been blessed with knowing because of Decca. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope that our paths cross again soon.

In this bittersweet ending I am happy to say that Decca will live on with a new team under the management of the founding partners. I know that they will continue to provide the warm & welcoming environment that you know and love.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With love, 💙 Chef Annie signing off 💙

(Cover photo credit: Sarah Babcock.)