The Bourbon Review, a Lexington-based publication whose coverage is easily deduced from its name, has surveyed the country region by region to determine the 60 top bourbon bars nationwide. Eight of them are in Louisville, which is almost half of all the 18 cited places in the state of Kentucky. Four more are in Lexington.

The eight local establishments cited for the extent of their bourbon offerings and the knowledgeability of their bartending staff are Bourbons Bistro, Charr’d Bourbon Kitchen and Lounge at the Marriott East, Down One Bourbon Bar, Proof on Main, Silver Dollar, St. Charles Exchange, and The Monkey Wrench.

We here in the ‘ville know that there are quite a few others that are very notable indeed (Jockey Silks, Doc Crow’s and Jack’s Lounge are just three more), but lists like this are finite, and lines have to be drawn.

“The criteria for the list was simple,” Justin Thompson of The Bourbon Review said in a press release. “The bar needed to prominently display bourbon, educate patrons about bourbon and provide a superior selection. The winning bars also have a reputation for creating both unique and traditional bourbon cocktails.”

Here is a link to the article, if you want to argue with the publishers about leaving out your favorite watering hole.