Tomorrow one of the more high-concept restaurant ideas opens its doors, and invites patrons to come in their pajamas. PJs, after all, is what many people wear when they eat their morning cereal, and cereal is what will be offered at The Cereal Box, 612 Baxter Ave.

There will be 22 choices of cereal brands when the new restaurant opens; patrons will be able to get a bowl for $3-4. But embellishments will be offered too, like different flavored or types of milk, a variety of fruit and sauce toppings, and the option to mix cereals in the same bowl.

Owner Eric Richardson, whose day job is as a fitness trainer, will also have a menu of cereal-based treats that go beyond a bowl of milk: cereal treat ice cream sandwiches. Cereal bowls that are actually made of cereal. Milkshakes with cereal toppings. Rice Krispie treat sundaes. Desserts like parfaits and birthday cakes built around cereal flavors.

TVs will play vintage Saturday morning cartoons and kids shows. Richardson plans to be open late into the night, hoping that cereal munchies might become a fad. He also hopes to find a source for discontinued vintage cereals, to appeal to cereal nostalgists.

The Cereal Box will open at 7 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, July 15.